The Importance of Diabetic Socks
Aug 2021

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The Importance of Diabetic Socks

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing lifestyle diseases that have affected millions of people around the world. This disease affects the overall health of patient and is also responsible for gradually affecting various parts of the body. Diabetics are known to suffer from serious foot problems. Foot problems start when the nerve cells stop working and the feet loses all sensation.

This loss of sensation can be very dangerous since the patient cannot feel anything even if he hurts his foot or has some sort of an injury. Since there is poor blood circulation this injured foot also takes a long time to heal which may in turn result in a severe infection. Due to these reasons diabetics need to take special care of their feet. For this purpose special diabetic socks have been designed to keep the feet dry and well protected.

These diabetic socks are more comfortable and offer a snug fit which keeps the feet well protected. They are made from cotton and have a good deal of elasticity that makes it easy to wear. These socks are soft and skin friendly which ensures that the feet is well protected and also that the blood flow is not restricted in any manner due to the socks being too tight. The material used for the same is hypoallergenic and breathable fabric. They do not have any wrinkled seams and neither do they have any harmful dyes that might cause skin allergy. There are no toe seams in these socks that may cause any injury to the toe while the toe area is also broader as compared to normal socks that allows the toes some area to move.

Diabetic socks are different from normal socks in a way so that they can offer greater comfort and protection to the delicate feet of a diabetic patient. It has been proved that use of thick socks combined with cushioned shoes help prevent foot injuries in diabetics. If feet are kept well protected then it prevents serious injuries which in case of diabetic patients might lead to infection and in the end, amputation. So if you are a diabetic patient or have a diabetic patient in the family, ensure that the feet gets regular exercise and are properly taken care of. When purchasing a pair of diabetic socks, you can look for the reputed companies which sell special superior quality diabetic socks which are meant for patients.